As part of our ongoing commitment to helping hospitals support revenue cycle health, Change Healthcare created the Healthy Hospital Revenue Cycle Index. The Revenue Cycle Index is a simple way to assess your own financial performance and identify specific areas of revenue opportunity. Get started by completing the assessment below.


Hospital Size# of beds


Reimbursement Rate ? The percent of total charges that can be collected. Excludes self-pay patients.
Patient Pay Rate ? The percent of total payments assigned to patient responsibility

Claim Quality

Denial Rate ? The original denial rate expressed as percentage of claim dollars that were initially denied in relation to dollars billed on remitted claims.
Payer Reject Rate ? The percentage of claim dollars which received a payer report rejection from the payer in relation to dollars released.

Payment Velocity

Service to Release Days ? The number of days from statement through date until the claim is sent to the payer.
Release to Payment Days ? The number of days from release date until payment is received from the payer (excludes all self-pay including patient responsibility portion of claim).


Claim Acceptance Rate ? The percentage of submitted claims that passed all edits “and holds” in provider claims management system.
Unreleased Charge Ratio ? The ratio of average unreleased dollars to average submitted claim dollars.

Your results are calculated by averaging your scores in eight key performance areas. The calculation is an average based upon numbers you have provided and may or may not be representative. The data used for the comparison is based on internal Change Healthcare data. The information contained in this calculator and the resulting calculation is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice nor is it intended to be a guarantee of any particular business or financial outcome, all of which depend on a user’s particular situation.